In the early autumn of 1985 the police are seeing the consequences of a shocking and mysterious incident that took place in an isolated mountain hut in the Balkan Mountains. The film "Roseville " is artistic interpretations inspired by eyewitness accounts and clues found within the cabin.Vasil ( Kalin Vratchanski ) and Nadia ( Lydia Indjova ) are a young couple who arrive on holiday in "Roseville". There they meet the keeper George ( Plamen Manassiev ) and his best friend Dora ( Elena Petrova ). Later joining the gang is Stephen Court ( David Chokachi ) - an old associate of George. The presence of Vasil unlocked " storm " of unexplained events that will test the sanity of all. Everyone faces the the horror of their own fears and the invisible force that wants to control them, lurking in the dark and quietly knocks on the door to their minds.
The idea for the film was inspired by the personal stories and the stories of the inhabitants of the villages in the mountain slopes of the Elena Balkans and Strandzha Mountain.

It took three hours each day before shooting for preparing the beard for Plamen Manasiev.

In his day off, David Chokachi and the crew conquered the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala.

The first Bulgarian psycho - thriller.

The working title of the film is "Return".

The film was shot for 20 days in Borovets.

Lydia Indjova was cast for the part two days before start of shooting.

Vasil Kirilov - Rose Ville
Vasil Kirilov
29 years old
Intelligent and positive young man with a sense of humor. Born and raised in a wealthy family of diplomats. Not selfish , but used to getting what he wants. Although he grew up behind the Iron Curtain, Vasil is an admirer of western culture. Buys jeans, drinking Coke and wearing shirts of his favorite rock bands. He was admitted to study at the prestigious State University Princeton. Studied computer technology, but the second year was forced to interrupt his studies. The Bulgarian buro interrupted his visa and Vasil returned to Bulgaria. He graduated in MEI . As a child Vasil suffered severe heart attack. After doctors failed to help him , his father leads him to the prophetess Vanga. After the visit, the disease goes away. Vasil married ( recently ) for Nadya. No criminal record.
Nadya Kirilova - Rose Ville
Nadya Kirilova
24 years old
Good looking and sexy. Since a child fond of performing arts. Her great love is the theater. Graduated film university top of the class. Head over heels inlove with her husband Vasil. Says that she is ready to do anything for him because she loves him. Nadya is not a woman who knows the difficulties of life, simply because she still did not face any of them. Nadya is married (recently) to Vasil. No criminal record.
Teodora Zlateva - Rose Ville
Teodora Zlateva
36 years old
Beautiful and charming lady with sad eyes. Teacher in primary school. Dora is very emotional and pious woman. God opened to her years ago when she lost her husband in a serious car accident. This trauma left a lasting scar in her mind. Dora is in love with George (he was a close friend of her late husband) but the keeper does not return her feelings, he loves her, but like a sister.
Георги Асенов - Вила Роза
Georgi Asenov
45 years old
Innkeeper of Villa Rosa. Calm and realistic man. Able to assess the situation and take the right decisions. Loner and prefers not to project emotions. George was not always mountain hut manager. In his past he was agent of state security, operating mainly abroad, and right in East Germany. Fluent in English and German. He saw a lot of things you do not want to remember and prefers secluded life in the cabin. Strives to be the best host.
Steven Korth - Rose Ville
Steven Korth
43 years old
American, born in Boston, Massachusetts. Arrogant, but basically decent man. Stephen is an old associate of George. The have a common past as agents and it can be said that they are friends. Stephen spends several months a year at Roseville. Photography is a hobby.
Sample of medical records: Vasil Kirilov
From archive records documenting visit small Vasil the prophetess Vanga in 1970. /paraphrase of Vanga's father Vasil/
"Your son is marked. After 15 years not to let him to the WHITE ROSE at the old man. Listen to me, or they will get him."
Legend of the White old man
Mysterious expedition BAN - Spring 1979
"Roseville" - The fatal night
"Roseville " - Investigation

The film "Roseville" is a fiction based on interviews with Mr. Nikola Ivanov and stories of people from the region of the Elena Balkan and Strandja Mountain associated with local folklore. All the characters names were changed, and the actual location of the "Roseville" is confidential at the request of Mr. Nikola Ivanov.
RoseVille Trailer
RoseVille Teaser #1
RoseVille Teaser #2
RoseVille - Kalin Vrachanski
RoseVille - Plamen Manasiev
RoseVille - Elena Petrova
David Chokachi
David Chokachi is an American film and television actor. Born on 16 January 1968. in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Among his most famous roles are those in the cult series "Baywatch" and "Beyond the wave". Magazine "People" elected him one of the 50 most beautiful men in the world. David has a degree in political science and is a prominent environmentalist and animal rights.

In "Roseville" David plays Steven Korth - arrogant American who cleverly conceal objectives and intentions.
Kalin Vratchanski
Kalin Vratchanski was born on 9 June 1981 , in the town of Cherven Bryag. In 2002 he graduated in Acting at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in the class of Professor Zdravko Mitkov. After 2008 he plays on the stage of Theatre "Sofia" . Became a favorite of viewers after his participation in the series " Glass House" . In his filmography includes " Sixth Day", " One more thing to love," "Tree of Life."

In "Roseville " Kalin plays the role of Vassil - confident and friendly young man, but in his past , however, lies a startling secret that even he does not know.
Elena Petrova
Elena Petrova is one of the most popular Bulgarian actresses. Her debut in cinema was in 1994 in the film "Border" and her role as Maria in the remake of "The Goat Horn" and carries a prize for best actress at the Moscow Film Festival. In her filmography fit titles like "Wolf Hunt", "Journey to Jerusalem", "Glass House" and others. On stage, Elena took part in the performances "Oh That Jazz , "Noble Spaniard ", "Golemanov" and others. In 2010 won Woman of the Year in the category of actresses.

In "Roseville" Elena Petrova played the Dora - a mysterious lady who doesn’t likes to talk about herself and believes that there is a higher power that draws our destiny .
Plamen Manasiev
Born April 12, 1964 in Burgas. He graduated in Acting at the National Academy in 1990 with Prof. Nikolay Lyutskanov and joined the troupe of Theatre "Sofia" the same year. "The Inspector General", "Turmoil", "Treachery and Love" are just some of his roles. Has participated in Bulgarian and international film and television productions. Member of the Screen Actors Guild, working in that field.
In “Roseville” Plamen Manasiev plays the role of George - a man who prefers not to issue emotions and able to assess the situation and take the right decisions.
Lydia Indjova
Indjova Lydia was born on 04.08.1986, in Novorossiysk, Russia. One of the most talented young actresses of Bulgarian theater and cinema. In 2008. National Academy graduated "Theatre" in the class of Prof. Stefan Danailov and became part of the theater troupe "Bulgarian Army". In addition to the theater scene she has a background in film and television.

In "Roseville" Lydia Indjova plays the role of Nadia - beautiful wife of Vassil.
Мартин Макариев

Боби Захариев (scenario)

Мартин Макариев (story)
Александър Пенев (story)

Светлин Нейнски

Димитър Гочев

Александър Пенев

Мартин Макариев

Executive Producers
Виктор Велков
Слав Ламбринов

Миро Янев
Ники Урумов

Евтим Милошев
Габриел Георгиев

Director of Photography
Иван Вацов

Никола Миленов

Music by
Виктор Стоянов

Visual effects supervisor
Александър Карцов

Costume Designer

Art Director
Лилиана Данчева

Produced By
Produced By
Александър Пенев

Първи асистент режисьор
Антоний Танев

Втори асистент режисьор Велина Щърбакова

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Александър Здравков

Визуални ефекти ръководител
Александър Карцов

3Dанимация ръководител
Петър Петров

В ролите

Васил Кирилов
Калин Врачански
Теодора Златева
Елена Петрова
Надя Кирилова
Лидия Инджова
Георги Асенов
Пламен Манасиев
Steven Korth
David Chokachi

Станимир Стаматов - Координатор
Боян Анев - каскадьор дубльор
Калин Керин - Каскадьор шофьор координатор
Георги Станиславов - Каскадьор
Кирил Тодоров - Каскадьор
Теодор Цолов - Каскадьор

Художник Лилиана Данчева

Илюстратор Ясен Денев

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Деница Русева

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Деян Русев – Бърт

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Анна Андреева

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Снежана Симеонова

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Томи Стефанов

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Любомир Тодоров

3D анимация композитор
Людмил Ванев

Виктор Стоянов

Виктор Стоянов

Виктор Стоянов

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Андарта студио

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Александра Борисова

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Шофьор (актьори)
Александър Милушев

Шофьор (David Chokachi)
Любослав Тодоров

Васил Велков

Верислав Иванов

Любомир Величков

Николай Пейчев

Николай Златанов

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